This path includes courses designed to lead you to become a certified Apache Cassandra engineer.

To get ready for the exam, you need to take following courses:

Certified Apache Cassandra Developer 

  • DS101
  • DS201
  • DS220

Certified Apache Cassandra Operator

  • DS101
  • DS201
  • DS210
  • DS220 is optional but recommended (The Operator exam does not include questions based on DS220)

This beginner level introduction to Apache Cassandra™ outlines challenges encountered when attempting to scale with relational databases, and how NoSQL databases like Apache Cassandra™ address those challenges. It reviews the Apache Cassandra™ architecture, benefits, and how to use the Apache Cassandra™ read and write paths. Finally, it reviews Apache Cassandra™ distributions and helps you determine the best fit for your needs.

Course duration: 45 minutes

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Apache Cassandra™, its distributed architecture, and how data is stored. You will master Cassandra's internal architecture by studying the read path, write path, and compaction. Topics such as consistency, replication, anti-entropy operations, and gossip ensure you develop the skills necessary to build disruptive cloud applications. Hands-on exercises are available using the KillrVideo application as the reference data model.

Course duration: 6 hours

This Operations and Performance Tuning course delivers the tools and knowledge required to operate and fine-tune your Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise deployments. You will learn expert skills and techniques to tune performance and environments, deploy multi-data center functionality, diagnose and resolve common production problems, and more.

Course duration: 8 hours

In this course, you will learn practical techniques to help you properly design and implement your data model.  You will learn the fundamentals of a good data model, a data modeling methodology as well as some common data modeling issues you should avoid.  This course will up your data modeling game!

Course duration: 10 hours